District Elder Joseph Marcus

District Elder Joseph Marcus , born and educated in New York, was not reared in a church or religious environment. After many close brushes with death, and a total collapse of his life, homeless and on the streets, the Lord spoke to him miraculously about restoring stability to His life. At this time, God led him to Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church in Washington, DC, where he heard the gospel of Jesus Christ preached in October 1987. That powerful and anointed message spoken by Pastor Charles E. Johnson, entitled, “Tell My Brother Hell is Real,” so moved this young man that he was compelled to obey the Acts 2:38 command. After water baptism, Bro. Marcus prayed to receive the Holy Ghost, and it was then that God spoke to him again, calling him to preach His Word. Without hesitation and with very little bible knowledge, he set out to obey the voice of the Lord, preaching on the streets, in prisons, in churches, and wherever God opened doors.

Under the training and tutelage of Bishop Charles E. Johnson, he was taught the Apostolic Doctrine; and in the years that followed, he was taught to work in many areas of ministry. Also, it was here at the Greater Morning Star Pentecostal Church that Bro. Joseph Marcus met and married the love of his life, Sis. Nestle Davis. To this union was born their son, Justin Marcus. Together, they became prayer partners, seeking the will of God for their lives and the ministry that they were called to do.

Pastor Marcus, along with his wife, First Lady Nestle, and their son, Elder Justin Marcus, travel the country, preaching the Word, healing the sick, winning the lost, organizing soul-winning boot-camps, etc. Following the pattern of the Apostles as outlined in the book of Acts, they minister the Word of God with Apostolic demonstration and Power!

Also, he founded and has been pastoring the New Foundation Apostolic Ministries, Int’l of Bowie, MD for the last 12 years, bringing deliverance through the gospel to the lives of many. God has graced the ministry at home and abroad so that many signs and wonder have been manifested in the services, such as deaf ears being un-stopped and the paralyzed coming up out of their chairs for the Glory of God. After a series of out of wheelchairs, tumors disappearing, cancers being healed, experiences etc., Pastor Marcus, with the help of the Lord, desires to change the world, transitioning souls from darkness into the Glorious Light of our Lord Jesus Christ!

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